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[solved] Scheduling message issue

Hello, I have a problem with the scheduling of sms, when I schedule an sms at the time of sending there is an error which occurs at the saving queue. I’ve done a lot of research but can’t seem to fix it.
I try normal sending it’s working well and schedule with normal sending it’s also working.

It’s only << scheduling message >> is not working.

Thank You for your help

The lot is :

* * 2020-11-03 07:00:59 PID5fa00810366d6 fode L2 schedule_hook_playsmsd # sendsms uid:4 schedule_id:1 id:2 rule:0 schedule:[2020-11-03 07:00:00] scheduled:[2020-11-03 07:00:59]
* * 2020-11-03 07:00:59 PID5fa00810366d6 fode L2 sendsms # start uid:4 sender_id:[SMS] smsc:[]
* * 2020-11-03 07:00:59 PID5fa00810366d6 fode L3 sendsms # maxlen:459 footerlen:0 footer:[] msglen:24 message:[Scheu c'est pour le test]
* * 2020-11-03 07:00:59 PID5fa00810366d6 fode L2 sendsms_queue_create # saving queue_code:d5d4cd32183c78402d137255d479d96a src:SMS scheduled:2020-11-03 07:00:59
* * 2020-11-03 07:00:59 PID5fa00810366d6 fode L2 sendsms # fail to finalize queue creation, exit immediately

This message is always coming and scheduling sms is not sending.

This part, to save queue data to the database table playsms_tblOutgoing_queue was failed:


Hi anto,
Thank for your help,

What can i do now to fix it ?

see this, I just commited the fix:

basically you need to insert below codes starts in line 698 in web/plugin/core/sendsms/fn.php:

    // default values
	$sms_type = strtolower(trim($sms_type));
	if ($sms_type != 'text') {
		$sms_type = 'text';
	$unicode = ( (int) $unicode ? 1 : 0 );

save the changes, restart playsms daemon.


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Thank so much,

it’s fix my problem