Sending with Short Code(5678)

(aki) #1


I am a beginner of paysms and give your advise if you have any ideas:

I configured playsms and working with Kannel nicely. However, I want to use 2 Sender ID(1234 for UserA & 5678 for UserB). I have 2 modems(Modem1 & Modem2) equipped with Kannel for 1234 & 5678, respectively.

(1)When receiving SMS from Modem1 and Modem2, I can find SMS messages were delivered to 1234(UserA) and 5678(UserB), respectively.


(2)When sending SMS from 1234(UserA) and 5678(UserB), SMSs are always delivered from Modem1(Sender ID 1234).

I checked the log of Kannel and find that playsms always sends SMS with SenderID=1234.(But sending screen of playsms shows SenderID=5678.) I am sure that kannel configuration is ok, but playsms config is NOT.

Please give your advice…

(Aashu Jha) #2

Hi ,

I have some issue with Play SMS .I am not able to view my send and recieve SMS . Can you Please help me with this .ALSO i can not recieve the SMS …