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Playsms translate?

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #1

How can I translate po file ?
I translated po file but nothing changed!

(Emmanuel Chanson) #2

Hello Sir,

After creating your po file you need to convert into a .mo file.
If you are using linux then you can use the following command:

msgfmt file.po -o

If the command is not available you need to install the package gettext (on Linux)

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #3

Thank you in advance

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #4

I copied AR_SA language from /playsms/plugin/language/ to fa_IR and translated it.
and changed config.php file and header of .po file to persian fa_IR.
and ran the msgfmt to create mo file.
but nothing translated and playsms show English language.

(Emmanuel Chanson) #5

Did you change the language in ‘Default language’ in the Menu Settings > General Settings > Default site configuration or in My Account > Settings > default language ?

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #6

Yes. i changed it. But nothing changed.

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #7

I clone ar_SA from playsms/plugin/language/ to fa_IR

and changed config.php file for fa_IR and translated Messages.po to Persian and changed the header too.

after that I create .mo file with msgfmt file.po -o command.

now I see Persian language in Playsms preference menu. but nothing translated and everything is English.

whats the problem ?

(Firemike) #8

Did you change the file owner of the files?
When you copy the translation files, most of the time a wrong owner is set.