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PlaySMS sending SMS to Gateway only 50% of Group Contacts

(Xian) #1

I have setup Playsms latest version from github successfully with a gateway and using generic SMSC. Sending and receiving is working fine. But problem is when sending sms broadcast of bulk sms.

I have a group of 2744 contacts. When ever I am sending sms broadcast or bulk sms to group its sending to api only 50% of contact and its 1372.

I am sending an Unicode SMS which is taking 2 SMS per SMS.

I checked playsms log and see there is a line … “partially processing sms queue 1372”

I have some group more than 7000 contacts each but for this problem I cannot send bulk sms.

Why this is happening/ How to fix it so that playsms send all sms to API in the group?

(Xian) #2

this problem is solved actually there are 1372 contacts but as playsms has no way to know how much contacts are there from group page I cannot count actual sms. The phonebook need to add feature so that how much contacts are there in groups can be see.

Also on compose page there should be a feature that after selection one or several groups how much total sms will be send to how much contacts should be added.