PlaySMS get turn off after certain time

(Adesh Johnson) #1


I have noticed that the PlaySMS turn off after certain time (like after certain time of inactivity). To turn on, I need to execute “playsmsd start” in the console. What can I do to avoid the server gets turn off by its own?

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(Anton Raharja) #2

I put */10 * * * * /usr/local/bin/playsmsd watchdog >/dev/null 2>&1 on crontab

it means to check playsmsd every 10 minutes and restart it automatically IF playsmsd is dead


Script to restart playsms in cron?
(Adesh Johnson) #3

But why does PlaySMS get turn off/dead? Is there any way to avoid it? For example, in the case of apache, it generally keeps turn on.

(Andre Gronwald) #4

playSMS should stay up always. I have no issues regarding unwanted crashes.
What does playsms.log say? Do you see something in syslog?

(Adesh Johnson) #5

Not found the cause of issue yet. Anybody having the same problem? I am using Centos 6.6. This is very important for us.

(Anton Raharja) #6

which playsms version do u use?

how/where do u install it, which linux distro?


(Adesh Johnson) #7

Hello Anton.
It’s installed in /var/www/html… in Centos 6.6.

I am not sure if I installed it using the script or the manual installation.

(Anton Raharja) #8

which playsms version

(Adesh Johnson) #9

The previous to the current one, this is, 1.0. What file does it contain the version number?

(Anton Raharja) #10

do u add or change the code?


(Adesh Johnson) #11

I made some modifications to OpenVox plugin and made a new plugin for Dinstar gateway. About the last one, if you want I can share it with you. Anyway, I don’t think this affected it. I remember like it was the same since the beginning.

(Adesh Johnson) #12

I found this in /etc/playsmsd.conf:

What is the purpose of it?

(Adesh Johnson) #13

What ownership must be for /etc/playsmsd.conf?

(Anton Raharja) #14

it is, for example, changing stuffs will require you to restart playsmsd, and all the code in your plugin will also be read when playsmsd is running. it could have no effect just like you said, but we can’t rule it out.


(Anton Raharja) #15

between processes playsmsd will “sleep” for 1 second, don’t ask what if you put 0, I haven’t try that


(Anton Raharja) #16

can be owned by anyone, but should be readable by webserver’s users (for example by www-data)


(akay) #17

send me the crontab pl

(Haroon Rashidi) #18

I want to have dinstar plugin if it possible please send it to me

thank you

(Rodrigo Ferreira Santos) #19

Hi adeshjohnson, I would like a copy of your plugin I’m having a disntar but I can not make it work with dwg2000 playsms