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PlaySMS 1.4.2 + Nginx/Mariadb_10.3/PHP 7.2/Centos_7

(Emmanuel Chanson) #1


I just have installed PlaySMS 1.4.2 on a CentOS_7 + Nginx + PHP 7.2 + Mariadb 10.3 server.
I tuned some parameters according to Anton article about PlaySMS integration with PHP 7.

All seems Ok but I found a problem with language selection, I just have default language value available in the list either in General config or in User preferences.

Do you have an idea why?

Workaround, manually change the language_module inside the database.

(Emmanuel Chanson) #2


it seems that this code portion does not work on my side: $c_language_title is empty
in plugin/core/main_config/main_config.php

            // get language options
            $lang_list = '';
            for ($i = 0; $i < count($core_config['plugins']['list']['language']); $i++) {
                    $language = $core_config['plugins']['list']['language'][$i];
                    echo $language."\n";
                    // not running:
                    $c_language_title = $plugin_config[$language]['title'];
                    echo $language_title."\n";
                    if ($c_language_title) {
                            $lang_list[$c_language_title] = $language;