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Message not send gammu

Hi I’m very new to this I’ve tried to configure playssms to send from gammu and the message not send

I follwed step by step the install guide of playsms and docker in ubuntu 18

Gammu is sending from command line but not playsms so the gammu is configure correctly

Anyone help??

when using Gammu playSMS needs to have direct access to it, so Gammu needs to be inside docker, or you have maps directories and access to usb/serial dev correctly

If you haven’t, I suggest you install playSMS in the same server, no docker, as Gammu

practice using VirtualBox (if you need to) before installing playSMS on your server/pc/laptop:



yes gammu is on same VM but i installed playsms with docker for ease

how can i fix this or cant i ???

if so do i need to install manually on a ubuntu server in a vm ???

so play and gammu both on same server in vm

I explained it before, you need well configured directories and devs maps from inside docker to outside docker

Or, simpler, install playSMS without docker, so its at the same position as Gammu


thanks anton ill try

also how to set up for nexmo/vonage ??