How to pass Generic Gateway callback authcode in url

(Xian) #1


I need a pass Generic Gateway playsms callback url with authcode but dont find any documentation. I tried

but not working.

What is the correct way to pass authocode within Generic Gateway url?

(Xian) #2

witout authcode its showing this 2018-07-17 16:03:26 PID5b4e134e2bb2c - L2 generic__callback # pushed id:10608858 date:2018-07-17 22:02:53 phone:+8801765335441 msg:I go 2018-07-17 16:03:26 PID5b4e134e2bb2c - L2 generic__callback # error auth authcode: smsc: message_id: from: to: content:[]

the message is pushing but cannot received for authcode error

and when ever I am trying to pass authcode,

log shows PID5b4e1e01455c3 - L2 init # WARNING: possible CSRF attack. sid: ip:

what is the right way to pass authcode in url?

(Anton Raharja) #3

Assumed your domain is then your callback URL set on provider’s configuration is:{authcode from gateway menu here}

please check your typing again, for example it is not callback.php/?authcode= but callback.php?authcode=