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Empty database for a new instalation after tests

Hi, what I would like to do is empty database of PlaySMS as for fresh instalation without reinstall. I would like to empty SMS’s sent and received. Here below are tables that are not empty after some tests.

a) group that should not be purged as they are config or so:
playsms_featureMsgtemplate 3 rec.
playsms_gatewayInfobip_config 1 rec.
playsms_gatewayNexmo_config 1 rec.
playsms_gatewayTemplate_config 1 rec.
playsms_gatewayTwilio_config 1 rec.
playsms_gatewayUplink_config 1 rec.
playsms_tblACL 1 rec.
playsms_tblCountry 205 rec.
playsms_tblGateway 3 rec.
playsms_tblRegistry 52 rec.

b) group that I’m going to empty:
playsms_gatewaySmstools_dlr 176 rec.
playsms_tblBilling 176 rec.
playsms_tblSMSOutgoing 176 rec.
playsms_tblSMSOutgoing_queue 176 rec.
playsms_tblSMSOutgoing_queue_dst 176 rec.
playsms_tblRecvSMS 5 rec.
playsms_tblSMSIncoming 5 rec.
playsms_tblSMSInbox 1 rec.
playsms_tblUser 3 rec ( leave 1 st. record = admin )
playsms_tblDLR 388 rec. (do not know the purpose… )

Can I empty safety all (b) tables ( except tblUser - leave 1-st record ) ?
I’m not sure also: if tblDLR is OK to purge?

Thanks for advice.

In 1.4.3 you need to keep tblSMSOutgoing and tblBilling if you want to retain the billing, but in master version you only need tblBilling, for fresh starts you can empty them

tblDLR for delivery reports, you can empty it for fresh starts.

to your question, yes you can empty them (with exception tblUser 1st record).

see also featureSendfromfile, if you ever send sms from file, you might found entries there


Thank You for Your answer.

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