Email to SMS Setup

(bilel) #1

I’ve a fresh installation of Playsms, and i want to know if there is a tutorial on how to setup email to SMS configuration, what would be the format of the sent Email, where to specify the phone number to send the SMS to… I’ve done a search on net but i wasn’t lucky enough to find a good tutorial. Thank you.

(Andre Gronwald) #2

i did it via an own domain with destination number in the user part, e.g.
our mailserver forwards mails to that domain to my sms server where the mail is forwarded to a script which builds the file for sms server tools. this is the hardest part, because you need to consider multipart messages, mime-coded things etc.
i never had the time to complete my script, so mails need to be sent without mime-parts, which is done by sending mails without a body (message is in subject).
at this point it would be possible to create the necessary apoi-request to have playsms involved.