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Email To SMS Guide / Docs

Hi All,

Recently installed PlaySMS and Kannel on a dedicated Ubuntu Machine.

Sending and receiving SMS via PlaySMs Web interface is working fine, however SMS to Email or routing incoming message to email is not working for me.

Is there any easy to follow guide / documentation / link that can I can use. I have noted one google group link in the forums, but the link doesn’t work anymore.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Regards - Raj

Raj, Would your email server is already working? If not you should ensure that is working playSMS supports POP3/IMAP/POP3S/IMAPS. Surely it doesn’t work in any MAPI base email server protocols.


Email to SMS not polling IMAP/POP3 mailbox

I am facing same problem. nothing in logs although I have set log level to 3

there is no proper guide or documentation on email to sms setup
I have attached my settings image.

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