Where is use Sender ID?

(Oleg) #1

There is mobile number. Why is Sender ID?

(Steven Delport) #2

If you run a SMPP connection you could have a short number or alpha numeric number this is where its used.

(latli) #3

hi guys im new here to playsms what i dont understand is that SMPP do i have to get from my carrier or how becaus i dont understand it?

(Edilson Spessoto) #4

If you use gsm sim cards, you have to use gsm modems. If instead, you have a direct connection to your carrier, you can ask for a smpp connection, or a http one. Then, you can use, e.g. kannel to conect playSMS to your carrier, through SMPP connection

(latli) #5

edilson thnx for ur reply ive asked my carrier but they dont give smpp user and password so i wanted to ask is any other option for a smpp connection?

(Edilson Spessoto) #6

SMS carriers like infobip, nexmo and alike provide smpp accounts. Traditional mobile carriers donĀ“t. You have to use usb gsm modems or others, like GoIP to send sms