Turning off delivery reports to prevent extra charges!

(Paul Smith) #1


Firstly, what an excellent piece of software this really is! I’m very impressed with it.

I just have a quick question regarding delivery reports: My carrier charges for every message delivery report and so I would like to disable this feature to save on costs.

I have so far tried setting the DLR mask to 0 (and this would revert to 27) and then finally 00 (which changes to 0 on save). This did not stop the extra charges, unfortunately. I then changed the ‘dlrd’ setting to ‘false’ in the playSMS config file but again, this did not stop my carrier charging me extra.

Could someone kindly point me in the right direction in order to make sure these delivery report requests are not being passed to my carrier? I am using Kannel as the gateway.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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(Edilson Spessoto) #2


I have seen this feature configurable into usb modem software. Something as ‘request delivery reports’. Take a look.

(Paul Smith) #3

Hello Edilson,

Many thanks for your suggestion - I’ll take a look!

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(Steven Delport) #4

I would use this.
no-dlr boolean Optional. If defined, status delivery report requests (DLR) won’t be requested at all. Some CIMD2 SMSC have prohibited these reports so if you are getting error like “Incorrect status report request parameter usage”, this option is for you. Defaults to “false”.