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Specify GSM port for sending SMS

My problem is pretty similar to this: Modifying PlaySMS OpenVox plugin to accomodate GSM port settings

We have integrated Openvox and the latest version of PlaySMS just fine, the only issue for now is that the GSM port being used on sending SMS is random.

This is Openvox’s API: openvoxgatewayipaddress/sendsms?username=xxx&password=xxx&phonenumber=xxx&message=xxx&[port=xxx&][report=xxx&][timeout=xxx&][id=xxx]

So if we use openvoxgatewayipaddress/sendsms?username=xxx&password=xxx&phonenumber=xxx&message=xxx&port=1

Then this will use the number attached to GSM port 1.

Upon searching the web, I was able to install a version of Openvox that has additional fields on the Add SMSC section (add SMSC fields below):

But my current version of PlaySMS (latest, 1.4.3) doesn’t have those fields. It only has:

  • Gateway
  • SMSC Name
  • Gateway host
  • Gateway port
  • Username
  • Password

How do I add the GSM PORT needed to the latest version of PlaySMS? This seems to be the only info I am missing to specify which port to use (which leads to a specific number). As much as possible, I want a fresh install donwloaded from PlaySMS and not a ready-made-VM downloaded elsewhere.

EDIT: Was able to make it work by editting the ff. plugin files:
- plugin/gateway/openvox/fn.php
- plugin/gateway/openvox/config.php

Will further test and check stability.

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