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[solved] Sending sms to Easysendsms gateway fail with error_code:1003

(Halidou ROUAMBA) #1

Hi Dear,

i have created a free account on easysendsms gateway for testing purpose with playsms beforce purchasing some credit.
i have installing successfully the easysendsms gateway onn playsms.
i successfully add the gateway and configure the outgoing sms route.
When i send the sms, i a got a error, error_code:1003 “Invalid type parameter.” More complete error message on the playsms log file is below

  • 2019-03-13 17:48:44 PID5c89346be782b - L2 sendsms_process # saved smslog_id:6 id:6
    • 2019-03-13 17:48:45 PID5c89346be782b - L2 easysendsms_hook_sendsms # failed smslog_id:6 message_id: error_code:1003 smsc:easysendsms
    • 2019-03-13 17:48:45 PID5c89346be782b - L2 sendsms_process # fail no hook for sendsms
    • 2019-03-13 17:48:45 PID5c89346be782b - L2 sendsms_process # end
    • 2019-03-13 17:48:45 PID5c89346be782b - L2 sendsmsd # result queue_code:dee2367d4885afb1609c091fb705273f to:22675559091 flag:2 smslog_id:6

Thank a lot for your so important assistance.

Best regards.

(Anton Raharja) #2

Set to logstate L3 (from config.php then restart playsmsd) and examine the log again (do some tests)


(Halidou ROUAMBA) #3

Hi Anton,

Thank a lot for your delicious feedback.
After applying the log level to 3 and restarting the service, i found that the invalid parameter is “type” on behalf of “tipe” on the gateway plugin code

Find below the log detail

Thank a lot.

Best regards.

(Halidou ROUAMBA) #4

Hi Anton,

With your big assistance, i solved partially the issue located on the fn.php located on the PLAYSMS_HOME/plugin/gateway/easysendsms folder as following:

  1. looking for the file containing the word tipe from the gateway folder
    grep -i “tipe” .
    fn.php: $url .= “&tipe=” . $c_sms_type;

  2. **editing and modifying the file fn.php in order to change the parameter tipe to type.

3. Restarting PlaySMS service
playsmsd restart

4. The SMS is delivered successfully

5. but it still have a feedback problem on PlaySMS.
on the “My sent Messages” the sms sending failed.
I found this error message : invalid smslog_id:9 resp:[OK:3228703010911091] smsc:easysendsms

The log detail is below:

Thank a Anton for the unestimable assistance.

God bless you forever.

(Anton Raharja) #5

ok, should be fixed, replace the easysendsms fn.php with this one:

(Halidou ROUAMBA) #6

Hi Dear Anton,

Thank a lot for your prompt feedback, and exceptionnel assistance.
So great, all is Ok, sending sms as well as the feedback for playsms sending status after applying the new fn.php patch.

The issue est [SOLVED]

Very great Anton,