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SMS to Email Error Header

Hello everyone I’m trying this wonderful software Version 1.4.3 and 1.4.5
I’m testing it in the raspberry sbc with raspbx (debian buster) everything works but I
can’t receive sms to mail it gives me this error sendmail # end with error: it was not specified a valid From header
if instead I try from the command line everything works perfectly

Thanks a lot for help Maisx

I’ve got the same problem. I had a working exim4 setup (tested it on cli). also tried using the smtp with gmail , sendgrid etc. with no success. seem’s it got fixed in the latest dev release ** 1.5.0-beta5 ** as per this thread. https:// Problem with sending e-mail - #2 by Nuctorial_Joe_Tai_Bu

Here’s the link to the latest dev. ver : https:/ /
the archive does not contain compose. so I’m not sure how I will upgrade my playsms 1.4.5 to it.

Hope someone can help us.


Hi I would like to try version 1.4.4-beta4
can someone send it to me?
TKS Maisx

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