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SMS subscribe receive empty sms

I use Playsms + Gammu-smsd + Huawei usb dongle
Sms no problem send and receive.
When i enable SMS subscribe receive empty sms

After receive empty sms, send unknown format reply

Not sure what happened, I couldn’t reproduce your issue.

But I do have some fixes related to sms_subscribe today, I pushed it here:

Try to replace your plugin/feature/sms_subscribe/sms_subscribe.php with this one from above update:


I tried to replace but it didn’t solve the problem
I change Gammu to Kannel same problem
I try 1.4.4beta3 same problem

I dont have working Gammu or Kannel for tests, so I use Settings -> Simulate incoming SMS, and all incoming SMS for SMS Subscribe received and normal.

Try using Simulate incoming SMS.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but i try clean install 1.4.3 and send simulate sms same problem.

Debian 10.5
Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
PHP 7.4.14

Since you are testing this, do you mind testing it with latest master version. I’m currently working on releasing next version, so I kinda don’t have 1.4.3 ready, and I have the master version running now.

I can see the sms subscribe is working on my test, I’m pretty sure I’ve tested this in 1.4.3 too, but seeing above screenshot (in my reply above), seems like I was using master version.

Get master version by cloning github repo:

git clone

Follow installation by running


I install fresh playSMS 1.4.3, and test it, I cannot reproduce the error.

Test results:

List of sms subcribe:

Config of sms subscribe keyword NEWS:


I try send simulate SMS and same problem
Clean install 1.4.3
i Set
Route incoming SMS > Post rules > Route all sandbox SMS to users > Administrator
Route outgoing SMS > User(Administrator) > Destination name > Prefix (number prefix) > SMSC (DEV)
Manage subscribe > Set how like you have before screenshot SMSC(DEV)

Simulate incoming SMS > Message (test) Sender > number have prefix


Unknown format means the test phone number sending wrong format, see my screenshot how to configure SMS subscribe, all fields must be filled.

In my screenshot, to subscribe phone need to send: NEWS SUB
not just NEWS or just SUB

I tried and it works but i have a next problem
When I send a message to all subscribers I get a white screen
when i refres

does not send any message

do subscribers not have their subscribe-group to send?

Don’t refresh. Fix that issue by editing a file, see this:


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