SMS Stop Sending from playsms but SMS in queue - Kannel Sending OK

(Azaman Suleiman) #1

Our playsms 1.3.1 has been running fine. Suddenly today the SMS is not sending out from playsms

  1. SMS sending thru kannel command line OK working
  2. SMS shown in the playsms View SMS Queue
  3. Restarted kannel, playsmsd - Still same SMS not sent from playsms

(akay) #2

playsmsd is running?
also under manage gateway and smsc u r able to restart kannel from playsms web…?

(Azaman Suleiman) #3

yes. playsmsd is runing fine.
yes can restart from playsms web
Not sure, just out of sudden it just stop. Tested sending from command line to kannel it works OK no problem can send SMS.

(akay) #4

what i could relate is that your messages are not moving from table outgoingqueue to outgoing queue dst and then to playsms outgoing sms table. right?
which it should do as per playsmsd process and code.
sendsmsd actuallly doesn’t complete the send process due to some bug. idk…
i faced the same issue i cleared any pending queue from db and now it works fine
thought i could not come to coclusion on why it happened.?

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #5

I have same problem and its really big bug.
I have so many schedule SMS in queue every day.