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SMS sent without the recipient's consent

Hi guys,

We have been facing some weird behavior on playsms.
We have noticed some messages that have been sending to some destinations without the recipient’s consent.

When we see in playsms.log, we can see a queue_code associated to several destinations, and usual, we use to have one queue_code to one destinations once we use the webservices approach to send SMS.

The smslog_ids associated to this queue_code are very old smslog_ids compared to the SMSs that are currently sent with the normal workflow.

It seems that playsms went to database and bring all the old SMSs and put on the same queue_code to send it. But I can’t understand why it is happening.

Can you guys have some idea for what is going on? Or, what can we do to avoid these kind of situations?

I hope to hear from you asap.

Best regards

Ted Fernandes

Hi again … @anton

Can anyone help me on this subject, please ?

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