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Save decrypt password to db

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #1

Is there any way to save password without encryption to DB or decrypt password ?
Thank you in advance.

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #2

Nobody can help me ?

(Edilson Spessoto) #3

You have to modify php script that saves user data.

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #4

Thank you man.
Can you help me to how can I do it?

(Edilson Spessoto) #5

Thinking carefully, is better to add an new field on user table, saving decrypted password there.

Sorry, canĀ“t help without implementing the whole thing

(Arjun Dev) #6

you have to read tutorial on database.

(Arjun Dev) #7

it is database related not playsms related