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playSMS One Time Password plugin

(Anton Raharja) #1


Introducing a simple OTP sender:



(Steven Delport) #2

Tested and it returns the OTP but should it not store it with the msisdn to do the final check when the user has to use the OPT to compare the input ?

(Anton Raharja) #3

Can you rephrase what you wrote, I dont get what you mean, thanks


(Steven Delport) #4

Basically once the OTP is generated I thought is must be stored somewhere so when you use if for a verification the end user will enter the OTP and I will compare it to the one stored.
Maybe I was looking for a typical practical example on how to use it.

(Anton Raharja) #5

there will be 3 parties involved when using this plugin:

A: playSMS with OTP plugin
B: the mobile user
C: external app that does verification

Here is the flow:

  1. B accessing C service, for example login or anything that requires mobile verification
  2. C consume A webservices, accessing OTP plugin with msisdn is B number
  3. A returns OTP to C and along with that B number (which actually don’t need because A already know it)
  4. A also send SMS to B
  5. B receives SMS from A and the content of that SMS is the OTP, the same OTP that C receives from A
  6. B then enter OTP to C

I hope that make senses


(Steven Delport) #6

Thanks yes is all makes sense just needed to know the flow, but I get it now.

(Anton Raharja) #7

cc @aacable79

would love to see this one used by Mikrotik or something.


(Nima) #8

Hello Anton, What is the OTP expiry time? Nigyel.

(Anton Raharja) #9

expiry time managed by calling apps, so no option for that in the plugin


(Nima) #10

OK, thanks… will try it out… :slight_smile: