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Playsms + CENTOS 7 + PHP7 - HTTP 500 error

(Arjun Dev) #21

I can resolve, I need remove access of your system

(David Daza) #22

Check UID and GID for playsms dir under your www directory.

I ran playsms installation as root, configured playsms installation with UID GID for apache2 and then got the 500 error. Checking the error_log for apache, found that UID and GID mismatch the owner home directory where I placed playsms webfiles. I just ran the chown command with correct UID and GID (same as public_html owner and group) and I was able to see and login to playsms

(Anton Raharja) #23


Just in case the OP still trying :slight_smile: Please upgrade or use playSMS version 1.4.2