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playSMS 1.4 has been released

(Anton Raharja) #1


Visit for release info.


(Andre Gronwald) #2

hey anton, thanks a lot for all your efforts! still running on 1.3.1, but will start planning to upgrade to 1.4 soon.


(Bernhard Bianca) #3

I get an error when i try to upgrade DB

mysql -uroot -p playsms < /usr/local/src/playsms-1.4/db/playsms-upgrade_1.3.1_to_1.4.sql
Enter password:
ERROR 1060 (42S21) at line 8: Duplicate column name ‘parent_uid’

(Anton Raharja) #4

You’re not using 1.3.1 but using master version, you’re downloading from github, not from sourceforge

just remove/comment the offending line, line 8 and above (so it will continue to insert from line 9) and try again


(Digital Threshold) #6

Hi Anton:

Please confirm if V1.4 runs on Windows/XAMPP. If so do you have instructions on installation? I see the posting by Rizki_Masjahri on installation of v0992 and v098. Would this procedure work for 1.4 or are there tweaks needed to run the newest version? We also want to install SMS Tools. Please let us know before we try installation of the current versions in a Windows environment. That will enable us have a smooth installation. Thanks.

(Anton Raharja) #7

playSMS is not available on Windows
old version of playSMS, 0992, might be possible but was never really tested


(Brad Stewart) #8

Any specific upgrade instructions from 1.3.1 to 1.4?