Playsms 1.4 credit not deducting

(crompton) #1

new to playsms please help.
I have installed playsms with kannel everything is working fine. sms is delivering properly but when i assigning credit to user/subuser credit not deducting after delivering sms.

playsmsd version
playsmsd has been started
schedule at pid 15440
ratesmsd at pid 15442
dlrssmsd at pid 15444
recvsmsd at pid 15447
sendsmsd at pid 15451

(crompton) #2

getting following entry in playsms log but not reflecting in playsms login

    • 2017-01-08 10:14:40 PID587211104a434 - L2 simplerate_hook_rate_cansend # allowed user uid:1 sms_to:91916952XXXX adhoc_credit:10 count:1 rate:0.500 charge:0.5 adhoc_balance:9.5

(crompton) #3

problem solved. Actually final delivery report was not coming that’s why credit value was not deducting. Thanks

(Ibsoman) #4

Nice! So, please add [solved] to the title of the first post.