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Phonebook export dont work

(Oleg) #1

How can i export my phonebook?
I click export button and got phonebook-yyyymmddhhmmss.csv file. But this file have 44 byte only.

“Name”,“Mobile”,“Email”,“Group code”,“Tags”

This is header only (

I tried select some records but this dont change situation

(Sadulla Soatov) #2

It will be work if your contacts will be like this:

(Oleg) #3

you say about file format for import phonebook from external .csv file
My problem is export from playsms to external file.
My phonebook is long and i want export. Edit it at excel and after import back.

Export dont work. Is it my problem only?

(Sadulla Soatov) #4

Yes it is your problem.

(Hamidreza Mahmoudi) #5

I have this problem too.