Not able to receive texts from alphanumeric senders

(Adam) #1

Hey all. I can send a text to my provider to get a text in return with my balance information. These messages come from an alphanumeric sender like “MyEE”. I am using smstools and I can see the file where the message has been received, but playsms does not seem to pick it up. I am able to receive texts from any mobile phone without problem, but these kinds of messages are received but never show up in playsms

Here is a sample message:

From: MyEE
From_TOA: D0 alphanumeric, unknown
From_SMSC: 447973004999
Sent: 17-07-19 21:33:47
Received: 17-07-19 21:33:52
Subject: modem1
Modem: modem1
IMSI: xx
IMEI: xx
Report: no
Alphabet: UTF-8
Length: 122

Your PIN is XXXXX. We will never call you to ask for it on the phone. Didn't ask us for a PIN? Please call us ASAP on 150.

(Edilson Spessoto) #2

What do playSMS logs says?

(Adam) #3

Here is the full log:

I couldn’t really see anything in the log, but I only had a quick look!

(Edilson Spessoto) #4

Higher log level is required, because it shows only:

    • 2017-07-19 21:15:09 PID596fbdcd29e01 - L2 recvsms_process # using default SMSC smsc:[modem1]

(Adam) #5

Thanks, have set it to level 4 and will update here next time I receive one of those types of texts!