Need to add the feature "Alpha Tag"s

(Mapiiiaji) #1

It is good idea! You can need to add the “Alpha Tags” function to convert the number to a word! What do you say to Anton about this proposal?

(Anton Raharja) #2

What is “Alpha Tags” ? Can you describe more about that.


(Mapiiiaji) #3

Alpha tags are a way for you to give your SMS messages a unique ‘sender’ name, which can include digits, text, and some special character

(Anton Raharja) #4

You meant “Alphanumeric sender ID” for outgoing SMS ? Its there since ages ago.


(Mapiiiaji) #5

Please tell me how to set it up! Thank you, Anton!

(Anton Raharja) #6

You need to use gateway that have the ability to use alphanumeric sender ID, gammu can’t do that


(Mapiiiaji) #7

With Dev Gateway I can use alphanumeric sender ID and what would you advise? Thank you very much!

(Steven Delport) #8

It works on Kannel please check ton an npi setting with carrier.

(Mapiiiaji) #9

Thanks for the tip, I will study