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Hi! I want to send bulk sms using []. Can I use playsms to send bulk sms with []? If yes I need help to integrate. Please someone help me. Thanks with regards.

Saw that they provide Rest and SMPP protocol integration. You can develop a plugin to send through Rest, or then use playSMS with Kannel to send messages using SMPP, easier than develop a plugin, imho

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Hello @Edilson_Spessoto, great to read you again, always active :slight_smile:

@ajkni8 doesnt have a web app that can give you aibility to send bulksms? then if not, you’ll have to follow the @Edilson_Spessoto advice:

  • Sinch will create you a SMPP account;
  • You’ll install both KANNEL and Playsms on you server then
  • You’ll connect your Kannel to the SMPP account you just have from Sinch

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