Need help on sent_status messages

(Huy) #1

Hello & thank you for making such a great software,
But I would like to comment on the View All Sent Message:
The interface of such paragraphs is very easy to see, but obviously, if a day sent about 1000 to 3000 messages. Just looking at the status of sent_status (green, yellow, red) is not enough, it takes a long time to find the message failed to send. So, I want to separate them out by:

  • Add a small View All Error Message for the red, yellow status.
  • By default, the View All Sent Message page shows all messages that have been successfully sent (green status only).
    Is this easy to do, and how? please help me.

(Anton Raharja) #2


No, its not easy unfortunately.


(Huy) #3

Thank you for your answer,
If so, can it be sorted by posting yellow, red messages at the top?
We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.