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Multiple API keys for a single user

(unoc_u34) #1

Is it possible to assign multiple API tokens to one user? Thank you in advance.

(Anton Raharja) #2

up until now no its not possible


(unoc_u34) #3

Hi Anton! Thanks for the reply. Tell me, please, do you plan to implement this feature? Thank you in advance

(Anton Raharja) #4

I would love to add it, as soon as I find time Ill add it


(unoc_u34) #5

Huge thank you Anton. Good luck. just do not forget, please, it will be very helpful for large-scale mailings. This feature will very much raise the status of the project. If we achieve all of these features and if the project begins to generate revenues, I promise donations. Thanks in advance

(unoc_u34) #6

Idea for the future))

Best regards,
Jamshid Tursunov