Modifying PlaySMS OpenVox plugin to accomodate GSM port settings

(Paolo Miguel Bartolo) #1

Hello! I’m currently using PlaySMS 1.4 and an OpenVox GSM gateway (VS-GW1600), and the OpenVox APIs have an option to indicate which GSM port to use to send each message. However, this setting is not indicated in the OpenVox plugin of PlaySMS. I discover then that messages sent through PlaySMS get routed to different GSM ports. In the OpenVox gateway/SMSC settings, I want to add a field where I can indicate the GSM port to be used.

According to this forum thread (OpenVox GSM GW and routing outgoing SMS - OpenVox GSM GW and routing outgoing SMS) , it can be easily done by modifying the source code for the OpenVox plugin. However, can I have more specific instructions on which files to edit and in what matter? I’m a beginner, hence making it harder to follow what each line of code does.

Once the GSM port field is set up, I plan on creating one SMSC per port then routing outbound messages to specific SMSCs based on the recipient number. Is this the most effective way or are there more efficient ways to set routes?

Thank you!

(Edilson Spessoto) #2

Are you using last playSMS version? On Openvox smsc creation, there is a Gateway port field, it seems to be what are you looking for, don´t?

(shirin sadri) #3

Where can I find a brief description about playsms ! I’m new to this forum

(Paolo Miguel Bartolo) #4

I think the port field in the OpenVox gateway plugin refers to the port used by PlaySMS to communicate with OpenVox. It’s currently set at 80 (the default). I’m looking for a GSM, as it tells PlaySMS the GSM port to be used to send messages.

(Paolo Miguel Bartolo) #5

Hi! I think this site summarizes what PlaySMS is: