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Message in Spanish characters being Delivered in Chinese

Good Day

I have worked so much to figure out where am i getting wrong with playsms with kannel i have changed the encoding so many times in my configuration to UTF-8 ,IS0 8859-1 but everytime i send spnish characters they are being delivered in Chinese.Can someone assist me please.
I have changed the kannel/fn.php ais suggested in the forum

if ($unicode) $unicode = core_detect_unicode($sms_msg);

    if ($unicode) {
            if (function_exists('mb_convert_encoding')) {
                    $sms_msg = mb_convert_encoding($sms_msg, "UTF-8", "auto");
                    $URL .= "&charset=UTF-16BE";
            $URL .= "&coding=2";

Also below is my kannel smsc config:

group = smsc
smsc = smpp
smsc-id = SMSC01
smsc-admin-id = SMSCadmin
host =
port = 5019
smsc-username = USSD01
smsc-password = MalUss01
system-type = SMPP
transceiver-mode = true
alt-charset = UTF-8

There is no need to change in any file. As per my experience
We need to add some parameter with http API when sending SMS

if you need more assistance ping me on my skype id ""