Integration CLI, smstools3 and PlaySMS: Doubts from a beginner user

(valdo) #1

Hi, Anton!
Many thanks for help us with your knowledges.

Congratulations for your forum. I hope to get explain my doubts and respectfully I ask you support to solve these issues:

I’ve installed a smstools3 and PlaySMS prototype server like a begginer in gateways sms solutions.

How can I get my mobile numbers from data base and send to playSMS manage delivery of text messages?

After done all settings with playSMS and smstools, Is there risk of
blocked mobile chip sending about 3000 sms a day or itself leads to
manage the amount of sms and its breaks during the transfer without code


(Edilson Spessoto) #2


API integration can do that, right? Maybe to send the messages itselves, or just to manage phonebook contacts.

it depends on tha way your mobile company treats massive sending. Have to try… Maybe you can limit the amount sent by hour, on playsms main configuration.