Installing playsms on windows

(Rizki Masjahri) #20

for everyone, here’s my file and folders you can download here

is fully customized by me, so, you just setup your database and modem information

tutorial :
there are 3 folders : gammu, playsms, playsms-htdocs
copy gammu and playsms to C:
copy playsms-htdocs to your htdocs folder and rename the folder to playsms
cofigure like the steps i give to you
your’re done

(Anton Raharja) #21

Would be nice if someone can help to make the installer.


(Pamodm) #22

Thanx … Seems to be working ok for outgoing sms, but having 2 issues.

  1. i do not receive incoming sms
  2. status is only displayed as “sent”, there is no delivery status.

What may be causing this

(Anton Raharja) #23

gammu gateway plugin don’t have status delivered handler


(Rizki Masjahri) #24

i had explain that incoming message issue in "problems that i experienced’, its all up to you to solve the problem its nice if you can share it here, i cant help any more, sorry

(Pamodm) #25

Yeah I realise. Thanx for the tutorial u created. it was really helpful :smile:

(Ummar Hussain) #26

I have Configured play sms as you told but i am able to send sms via gammu cli but woont able to send via playsms sms goes to queue and when i check the log of gammu it says timeout i am leaving the link of image screenshot please help me.

(Rizki Masjahri) #27

after i see your screenshot, i assume that your gammu service are running twice at the same time, it will make gammu service from playsms can’t do anything, check your running services at task manager, on the tab ‘services’, stop the gammu service, and then Start the playsms_gammu_start.bat in C:\playsms\bin as administrator

(Maninho Asau) #28

Hello there,
I am stuck on steps 15, as I run http://localhost/playsms/web/ and I get these errors appearing on login page:

Deprecated: Non-static method DB::isManip() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in C:\xampp\htdocs\playsms\web\lib\external\pear-db\DB\common.php on line 2200

Deprecated: Non-static method DB::isError() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in C:\xampp\htdocs\playsms\web\lib\external\pear-db\DB\common.php on line 1217

can anyone help me to fix this?

(Ummar Hussain) #29

i have not found gammu service running in task manager but i run play sms gammu .bat as administrator but all in vain sms goes to queue.

(Ummar Hussain) #30

i am using playsms ver 1.1 maybe this create problem???

(Rizki Masjahri) #31

i’ve never try to running playsms on windows from v1 or above, it because not supported windows anymore

(Rizki Masjahri) #32

the php code of playsms v0992 or v098, is build with old php version, if your php version is the latest, probably that makes many function is deprecated

(Anton Raharja) #33

the reason why 1.0 and above aren’t Windows friendly is because they contain several Linux command, for example in Gammu gateway I use ˋcp -rˋ. But in upcoming 1.2 most of them are changed back to equivalent function in PHP, so maybe next releases will become Windows friendly.


(Maninho Asau) #34

Thank you for the replay. It makes sense :smile:
Just moved to linux, and everything run well.

(Maninho Asau) #35

Sounds good Mr. Anton
God bless

(Ummar Hussain) #36

Please do share guys which version of ubntu i should install on a VM and use playsms with which gateway kannel or gammu,please guide me through process.If any one have you complete guide and script please do share with me.Thanks in advance

(RasaMohamed) #37


Kindly tell how to edit gammurc file in

device = “Where I’m using internet through Ethernet Cable” how can I declare PORT for this
connection = “Here also”

I’m from India, Is this work from everywhere? bcz I saw in DEMO Only SMS would receives in Indonesia

(RasaMohamed) #38


I’m stuck in Step-14

              gammu --identify

I got this error

(Muhammad Nadeem) #39

Hi, i am new here. I want to use third party api for sending sms not use gsm modem, so what i do for this please help. Thanks in advance