Incoming SMS is truncated at special character

(Andre Gronwald) #1

I have the following SMS that arrives via smsservertools3:

From: 49111101
From_TOA: 91 international, ISDN/telephone
From_SMSC: 491710760000
Sent: 17-01-11 08:36:34
Received: 17-01-11 08:38:20
Subject: GSM_IP_1
Modem: GSM_IP_1
IMSI: 2**172704***8
Report: no
Alphabet: ISO
Length: 100

#TEST_GRP MESSAGE: Die Strung dauert an.

playSMS takes that SMS and forwards to the group “TEST_GRP”, but the content of the sent out SMS is:

Can yomeone explain, why special characters are not forwarded?

edit: hashtag ad group was interpreted as string-formatter.
edit2: SMS was read completely by playsms:

    • 2017-01-11 08:38:23 PID58733ca095a2c - L3 smstools_hook_getsmsinbox # sender:+49111101 receiver: dt:2017-01-11 08:38:20 msg:[#TEST_GRP MESSAGE Die Strung dauert an.] smsc:[GSM_IP_1]
      But then…:
    • 2017-01-11 08:38:33 PID58733ca095a2c - L3 recvsmsd # id:24 dt:2017-01-11 08:38:20 sender:+49111101 m:#TEST_GRP ZWISCHENMELDUNG: Die St receiver: smsc:GSM_IP_1