How To setup Playsms To Receive incoming sms via Infobip

(Preston The) #1

I am using playsms 1.4 with php 7 and gateway is Infobip. I can send sms well using infobip, but i cannot receive sms in the playsms inbox. All incoming messages I can see at Infobip dashboard but not at playsms.

How can I setup up that?

(Edilson Spessoto) #2

Are you using Infobip´s playSMS gateway? I had some issues with Infobip´s HTTP API. You sould prefer SMPP integration instead.

(Preston The) #3

Yes I am currently using the infobip default file found on the playsms settings. I just added credentials I use for infobip and the given API URL.

It sents properly.

(Preston The) #4

Hi Edilson,

How do I go About setting the SMPP. Do I do it in the playsms gateway settings in the server or at infobip?

(Edilson Spessoto) #5

PlaySMS alone doesn´t support SMPP. You have to use some SMPP gateway. I recommend Kannel

On your Infobip account, you have to configure SMPP access, i think

(Preston The) #6


I’ll do that then i’ll get back to you.

Thank you