How to install (or step by step) playsms+kannel on Debian 8.5

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Good morning, everyone. I’m Brazilian from the state of Santa Catarina. I have a project to create a message distribution center to help people and to receive messages from people who are experiencing problems and do not know how to get help, so the idea of this project to create a sending and receiving server posts. This is non-profit. I am new here in the forum and also on the part of MESSAGE servers, however I am desperate and discouraged due to several and various problems and difficulties in installing Playsms in Debian (6 also 7 also 8 and finally 8.5) as well as attempts in Ubuntu 16.04 I’ve been trying to get this server to be installed and become functional already I’ve followed the documentation of the link: but I do the installation and everything (both playsms and Kannel more in those months, I’ve never been able to get a simple SMS.

My environment is as follows:
VMware workstation 11 and can also be in VMware Player 7.0
HD 100GB
3.2 GB Memory
Modem USB HUAWEI Mobile Broadband E303

Help me please do not leave me in hand, this project has already become a dream, do not let me think that this dream will be a fiction please please everyone to help me make it work.

Note: I also tried to perform the procedure on a physical computer, in this case without using a Virtual Machine and also did not work.
I have also tried following other manuals such as the links below:

(Sadulla Soatov) #2

I have installation guide for kannel in russian/ If you want I can help you

(Arjun Dev) #3

modems some times create trouble use a SMSC / SMPP connection.

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steps same as centos or linux, it does’nt matter

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I am new with linux form discussion

(Sadulla Soatov) #6

for ubuntu only Ubuntu 14.03

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Only now I saw your post. Have you had success putting it to work?

Tenho boa experiência com o playSMS. Caso ainda deseje, sinta-se à vontade para me contactar, meu skype é espessoto.