[help] CentOS + LAMP + playSMS + wavecom GSM modem

(GM) #1


I want to install CentOS, LAMP server, playSMS with Wavecom GSM modem.

  1. What gateway / SMSC is the most flexible and compatible for this equipment?
    Gammu, kannel or smstools?
  2. Missing something to make a gateway sms server with the following features: Group SMS, SMS2Mail, SMS2Way, SMS API, BULK SMS, POLL SMS?
  3. Do you have any other recommendations?

Thank you!

(Hakim Bimazgane) #2

Wavecom is compatible with all those 3, you can then choose the one you’re the most confortable with.

With my modems, I tried those 3 and only Kannel did well what I want, even if Gammu if the easiest one to use.

You then may need nothing to do what you want, but is you need to manage reply and DLR fowarding, you may need to change the code of playSMS.

(GM) #3

Thanks for the reply! It was helpful.
I thought the kannel is more flexible, but it does not offer support since 2014. Gammu is an alternative but is not as flexible as kannel.

  1. Kannel still has bugs?
  2. Can I set the API if I use wavecom and kannel?