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Gammu compatible device

Hi All,

I have setup playSMS on my ubuntu 18.04, however, I can’t seem to find a GAMMU compatible device that would allow me to use my local machine as the SMS Gateway. I have a Sony Xperia Z1 and a Huawei 8372d modem.

Can anyone shed some light on the right device to use. I can’t use any of the old phones as they are not 3G phones and so, no SIM card will work in them. I prefer one of the newer phones/modem that I can use as my Gateway.

Appreciate your assistance.

Best wishes,

I am not using a phone. I am using SIM7000C Raspberry hat from WaveShare.
A budget choice if you are going to setup a gateway with multiple SIM cards.

Before I decide to install most software, i used minicom to try AT+CMGS to ensure the serial port can open.

Thank you very much! Finally one reply…hahahaha…

My only concern with the SIM7000C is that it only supports 900/1800Mhz. It sorta limits my options in terms of networks. Though SMS is gsm, in the event the service provider decides to shut down 1800Mhz, then I will need to look for another alternative. With mobile phones, it supports quite a wide range of frequencies. Which can be advantageous. If one phone dies, I can use the next.

Any thoughts on that?