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Forwarding all sms to an Email

Hi, i want to forward all incoming sms to an specific email adress.

i have a rasperry zte mf 637 and smstools3 configurated and in sandbox i see the incoming sms, but how do i configurate this forward option ? i do not found anything in documentation or google or forum, or by myself into the settings.

please help


In latest version there is no option to forward sandbox SMS, but in the latest development there is an option to forward sandbox SMS to URL. I know its not to email, but I figure forwarding to URL can be used as an alternative.

Screenshot from latest dev:


Thats no option. Can i create a User where all SMS get into his inbox and then forward it?

Yes, from Route incoming SMS, Post rules, Route all sandbox SMS to users

and then that user enables forward to email


thank you for your help, in the meantime i has used a eventhandler on smstools which do know want i want. thats enough so i didnt need playsms not for the moment.


firstly thanks for this great app.
My problem is when I set route all sandbox SMS to users and forward all sandbox SMS to URL then request to url is processed but SMS is not passed to user’s inbox.

Thanks for any advice.

hello anton i get some complication on how to forward the sms in the sandbox to the url
especially the terms used are confusing to me… can you please help?