Error: "playsmsd: command not found"

(sujirou tanaka) #22

already removed what you told me sir. will save and exit:

(sujirou tanaka) #24

Hi Sir, this is what comes up after re-running ./

(Anton Raharja) #25

Your mysql root password is not the same as what you specified in install.conf


(G) #26

But why the above ligne with mysqladmin and the same credential did work ?

(sujirou tanaka) #27

I was quite wondering about that too. By the way Sir Anton and Sir Arthur, I was able to append the as instructed as well as update my database password in install.conf..

Iā€™m able to access the login page in my browser now. Thank you so much for taking time to help a n00b like me. Hope I can continue with this using kannel. :relaxed: