Error: "playsmsd: command not found"

(sujirou tanaka) #1

Hi Sir,

I’m using my own local Ubuntu server. Following through with all the steps in your
tutorial went smoothly, However, the second to the last part in Step 9 (“playsmsd restart”) got me into this error. Any advice, Sir? Please help. :confused:


(G) #2

Try “service playsmsd restart” ?
Not sure it’ll work, cause it’s been a long time i didn’t use Playsms.

Also try “sudo playsms restart”

Did you launch the install script with root privilege?

Otherwise type : sudo find / -name playsmsd
And if there are no output it’s mean there was a problem during the install script

(sujirou tanaka) #3

Thanks Arthur. Yeah the are no outputs. There might have been a problem with install. I hope I’d be able to find it as there were no errors during installation or at least not until after I was able to fix the previous ones.

(Anton Raharja) #4


What error ? Cannot find playsmsd ?


(sujirou tanaka) #5

Hi Sir… it just says “playsmsd: command not found”

running sudo find / -name playsmsd didn’t pull up any results. :frowning:

(Anton Raharja) #6

paste your install.conf here

btw which tutorial ? paste the link


(G) #7

Furthermore if you could paste what appear in your screen while the installation process it could help too.

(sujirou tanaka) #8

I’m using following this tutorial Sir:

my apologies for posting screenshots instead of text as i am using vmware workstation 12 and clipboard seems dysfunctional even after having installed vmware tools. :frowning:

(sujirou tanaka) #9

Hi Arthur. Will do Sir…Thank you.

(Anton Raharja) #10

ok, see that PATHBIN, its in /usr/local/bin, if the install script executed perfectly then playsmsd should be in /usr/local/bin

did you run as root ? if not that could be the problem, try again


(sujirou tanaka) #11

Yes, Sir Anton I did run it as root.

(G) #12

How did you get the source code ? From the tar.gz archive on source forge ? From Github ? Which version of the archive did you get ? is it the 1.4 ?

(sujirou tanaka) #13

Hi Sir, I got it using this using this command:

wget -c

(Anton Raharja) #14

The script died while accessing mysql, do you have mysql ?

Please check again each step, probably on Step 2 there are some packages not installed, particularly mysql related


(sujirou tanaka) #15

Thank you Sir. Will do…

(G) #16

Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve counted 4 dot so, I think it’s this ligne which doesn’t work :

mysql -u $DBUSER -p$DBPASS -h $DBHOST -P $DBPORT $DBNAME < db/playsms.sql >/dev/null 2>&1

And not this one :

mysqladmin -u $DBUSER -p$DBPASS -h $DBHOST -P $DBPORT create $DBNAME >/dev/null 2>&1

(sujirou tanaka) #17

It seems everything is already installed, Sir:

(Anton Raharja) #18

Yes, 4 dots, mysql line


(G) #19

Could you edit the install script and erasing “>/dev/null 2>&1” at the ligne 226 ? Then run again the install script ? And show us the result ?

(sujirou tanaka) #20

Okay Sir. will do it…