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ERROR: Installing PlaySMS on Sangoma7 (centos+Freepbx+Asterisk))

Software: Sangoma7 with Freepbx & Asterisk
CENTOS version: Derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5-0.11 (Source)
Server version: 5.5.60-MariaDB MariaDB Server
PHP v: PHP 5.6.40 (cli)

I’ve followed this tutorial - - to install PlaySMS.

For all php (cli,gd, etc) requirements I’ve allways get “allready installed with phpxxxx-x-x-x version”

After setting up all directories (changin “/home/komodo” directory) and all the other steps, playsms doesn’t start.

Besides, Sangoma (FRPBX&AST) installed MariaDB automaticly, so I don’t know the root password to add playsms to MariaDB and can’t add root user either.

When I do playsmsd check

PLAYSMSD_CONF = /etc/playsmsd.conf
PLAYSMS_PATH = /var/www/html/playsms
PLAYSMS_LIB = /usr/lib/playsms
PLAYSMS_BIN = /usr/bin/playsms
PLAYSMS_LOG = /var/log/playsms
PIDS schedule =
PIDS ratesmsd =
PIDS dlrssmsd =
PIDS recvsmsd =
PIDS sendsmsd =

And if I try to start “playsmsd start” it gives

What am I missing?

Already tried to check /var/log/playsms but it’s empty

Any sugestions please?


I’ll write howto install playSMS 1.4.3 on CentOS 7 tonight.

Please do not use any playSMS below version 1.4.3.



Thank you very much for your help!

Best Regards


gonna need 1 more day to finish up my article, turns out installing LAMP and https on CentOS 7 were taking too much time, installing playSMS it self was like a minute or so

but looking at your OP above, you need to have access to MariaDB, you need to be able to create database that will be used by playSMS


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Please see this article: playSMS 1.4.3 installation on CentOS 7


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Let’s continue playSMS 1.4.3 installation on CentOS 7 here instead:

komodo is just an example, you can use your own username, but keep up with the article (change all komodo into your own username).

You have to use a normal user, not root , because its dangerous (

Ok. So, lets start by checking your installation. Can you browse playSMS ? Can you login to your playSMS from web ?