Error: "Failed to download playsms/tpl..."

(sujirou tanaka) #1

Hi Sir,
I am using my own Ubuntu server. On the last part of STEP 4 on your tutorial:
./ i get an error as shown in screenshot. Please help. :confused:


(sujirou tanaka) #2


The clone part got fixed after after installing GIT on my server but the “Failed to download playsms/tpl…” still remains. Please help :confused:


(Anton Raharja) #3


try to install git, apt-get install git

and run it as root because the install script need to create files/folders in root owned directories.


(sujirou tanaka) #4

Thank you Sir Anton. Will do. :slight_smile:

(sujirou tanaka) #5

Hi Sir, I was able to continue using your suggested step. Thank you, Sir. :slight_smile: