Easysendsms can't send message

(Astra Jj) #1

I install Easysendsms by following this tutorial “https://github.com/playsms/plugin-easysendsms
after that in first time i can not send a message so i started to look for in source code and i find that in fn.php file line 77 “$url .= “&tipe=” . $c_sms_type;” which must be type intead tipe so i modified that now everything is ok i can sent message but when i see the status for my sms i see message failed “red color”
Please someone can help .
thank you.

(Anton Raharja) #2

Ah yes you’re right, will fix that soon:


(Astra Jj) #3

Thank you Mr Anton Raharja.

(Astra Jj) #4

I fixed it, now it’s ok when i send a message i receive it but on my dashboard when i see the status i see that the sms has not sent and my credit which normally must decrease is not it.
Please help.

(Graeme Lewis) #5

@Astra_Jj I think we have the same issue on our install of playsms, user credit not decreased when sms sent.

(Astra Jj) #6

it’s ok now. it was the condition “if (strtolower($c_response[0]) == ‘ok’)” line 93

(Astra Jj) #7

do you use what gateway ?

(Anton Raharja) #8

What about it? I dont have account for test so I dont exactly know the format of returns. The API doc seems giving different format on their example and doc.


(Astra Jj) #9

Helle Mr Anton,
it’s not about API it’s about bracket.
There (strtolower($c_response[0] == ‘ok’)) so i changed to that (strtolower($c_response[0]) == ‘ok’) otherwise the condition is always false.
Thank you.

(Anton Raharja) #10

Wow I wrote that? Haha okay, thanks for finding it


(Astra Jj) #11

You are welcome Mr Anton.