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Do i need a modem in my configuration?

(Félix Mattler) #1

I’m a bit new to playsms and i don’t understand at all how playsms works.
I just want to know how does playsms send sms without any sim card connected.
It is explained in the Playsms Book, that a modem isn’t mandatory,
And basically, my playsms is running on my server but doesn’t send any sms, i think i’m misunderstanding something very important.
I have a fully working phone but it doesn’t receive any sms from plyasms.

So, where is my mistake, do i need a modem (or any other device with a sim card in it) to properly send sms ?


Extract from playsms Book :
<< Hardware requirement:

For hardware you need only a web server capable hardware

Other hardware you need when you have specific plan:

GSM modem, single modem, single port, multiple modems or modem pools with multiple ports
    Required only when you plan to use Kannel, Gammu, Gnokii or smstools gateway plugins
Internet connection
    Required only when you plan to use Clickatell, Nexmo, Twilio, Infobip, BulkSMS and Uplink gateway plugins >>

(Anton Raharja) #2

You need to connect your playSMS with SMS providers, playSMS it self is just a web application, cannot send SMS without submitting data to SMS providers.

If you need to connect to GSM operators then you can use GSM modems, playSMS will use that to send/receive SMS.

If you want to send/receive SMS from certain provider then you can use available gateway module and configure it properly.