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Delivery stsus questions

When You use a delivery report in webapi ( app=ws&op=ds ) You receive info back, but:

  1. Is there a possibility to receive last delivery report for selected number ( dst=xxxx). If You send SMS more than once to selected number. I would like to send SMS and check for some time if delivery was successfull.
  2. What does it mean the ‘update’ field? Sometimes it’s some seconds afer ‘dt’ ( delivert time ), and sometimes it’s date after a 7 days?
  3. What codes are returned? I got ‘1’ and ‘3’

Could You help me with this.


See this screenshot:

You can try by setting c=1 to show the last dlr for certain dst.

Correction, dt is not sms sent time, its the time for dlr record inserted to db. Field update is the last dlr update received by playSMS.


Thank You, now it’s clear.

Can You tell me why update date is after 7 days to dt? On some cases of course. Not all. I suspect that it’s not system PlaySMS settings, but… is it that way that confirmation may be kept 7 days by the operator and sent after 7 days? Modem is ON 24/7/365, so…
Or maybe updates are made by a PlaySMS system permanently?
Also I sent 20 test SMS’s in 20 seconds and 3-4 of them have status 1, and the rest status 3.


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