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Debain 9 fresh install issues


i am new to the PlaySMS system i just setup a VM at vultr running debain 9 i followed this install guide

when it was all done and i tried to run
playsmsd /etc/playsmsd.conf check
i am getting this error
-bash: playsmsd: command not found

when i browse to the website the browser will just download the index.php file instead of executing it ,

when i check for running process i see a few processes called playsmsd

i am sorry that i am asking this basic questions this is the first time i am looking at this system

Do not install playsms 1.4.2 its really dangerous

Please use 1.4.3

i did install 1.4.3

but can you answer any of my other questions

From your post I see that you dont know where playsmsd and /etc/playsmsd.conf, they are described in the article. And, your PHP is not configured properly, this is not good, and I think you need to shut the VM down for now. If possible just create a new one, or rebuild it.

Better learn how to do it locally on VirtualBox first, and when you know what to do and ready you can then install on cloud.

Please try first on VirtualBox, follow this article:

Btw, the manual is in Ubuntu 18.04, I’m not sure if its the same in Debian 9. You can try it on VirtualBox.


thanks for your reply
this guide has better info i will post back how its going

i believe it will help me install in debain as well