Centos 6 and smstools

(asen) #1

Dear community,
I have a problem with the new version of playsms installed on centos 6. I used successfully the old versions before v.1 and they worked perfect.
Now I tried to configure a new one with centos 6.(latest) and playsms (1.4xx)
Smstools works perfect. My sms gateway is connected over ser2net (on the remote server). Direct commands are ok and smstools works.
I am not able to send sms with playsms.
the menu looks completely different. I dont know how to set the gateway to smstools and to check if it is connected properly (as in old versions).
I dont know how to troubleshoot the playsms. Smstools are with loglevel 7 and the playsms redirects the sms to the /dev, not to the smstools… (I think so)
There is no setup/configuration manual…
I will appreciate any help.