Can't change language in user configuration

(Mapiiiaji) #1

In upward screenshots we can see that can not change language to specification. downward menu don’t appear in user config menu and main config menu too.
Thank in advance!

(Mapiiiaji) #2

Please help if anyone came across. Very high need for this is. Not everyone can use English. Surely this is a bug (but I do not know how things are with the others about changing the language).
Thanks in advanse.


(Mapiiiaji) #3

Hi everyone!

How to active another than English language?
Thanks in advance.


(Anton Raharja) #4

Its loaded, but not active, you can change language from My account -> User configuration or globally from Settings -> Main configuration -> Default site configuration.

You need to also install language pack in the server. Example to enable Bahasa Indonesia:

sudo apt install language-pack-id